Secondary School

Each department in our school has its own peculiarity and individuality as each age group has its own characteristics and needs.  What distinguishes students in our section is that they are in the middle adolescence which is considered a very sensitive age stage. This stage includes students between the ages of 15-18 who belong to grades 9-12.

On the contrary, students who belong to grades 7-8 go through the most changes and find challenges in learning to adapt to their growth, but they are still innocent and have the attitude of primary children. Therefore, students at this age have tendency to break the rules and ignore the instructions. Thus, finding ourselves in the middle of the two extremes, teachers keep into consideration the differences between these two age groups and accordingly manage to deal with that differently.

In order to cater for our students’ needs and aspirations, we implement the following:

1.    Deal with each student as an independent entity according to their physical, emotional, and mental capabilities to help them find their way.

2.    Follow up on their educational and behavioral performance through teachers’ notices and recommendations.

3.    Provide the students with extra hour classes after school depending on their weaknesses in certain subjects.

4.    Overcome all difficulties or obstacles that stand in their way, including the problems that usually occur or are expected to occur among students of this age group.

5.    Integrate students with special needs with their colleagues in many classes, and encourage others to support, accept, and interact with them to create an uplifting atmosphere and a collectivist environment at school.

As for what we aspire to in the future and turn into reality can be summarized as:

1.    Maintaining students’ academic levels and upgrading their behavioral levels by nurturing their needs and personalities.

2.    Creating conditions for achieving scientific achievements and high rates that qualify students to reach their university education.


Working on the continuous communication with parents and involve them in the educational process, especially since we are investing in the same goals.