Primary School

The education of the primary students, grades 1-3, is the first building block of their journey. It provides the basis and the essential foundation to elevate the educational structure in the later stages. To ensure a solid educational structure for our children, teachers must work in compliance with common and unified standards set by the department throughout the school year, from beginning to end.

Teachers of this department are distinct and well-known for the following:  
1. Our teachers aim to instill the love for place, the school environment, and love for people, the administration, teachers, and peers, in the students’ hearts so that they give what they can with love, interest, and innocence. This is achieved through the attitude and performance of the administrators and teachers in charge of this department.  

2. Our teachers are acknowledged for their experience in dealing with this age group, which demands an unalterable cheerful attitude, a welcoming reception, and discernment in answering students' inquiries in a friendly, acceptable tone of voice and language. Additionally, they are required to guide the children academically through enforcing the curriculum while conducting themselves as mother figures through compassion and tenderness. The children will, as a result, infer that their teachers are like family. Consequently, we facilitated the means for them to integrate and interact with their teachers and peers both inside as well as outside the classrooms effortlessly and conveniently.  

3.  Our teachers deal with each individual student according to their abilities and capabilities, taking into consideration the academic, educational, behavioral, psychological, spiritual and social aspects that contribute to their overall well-being. Therefore, we strive to inspire their potential by involving them in curricular and extracurricular activities, inside and outside the school, for the profound impact and significance they reflect in building and shaping their personalities.  
As for our future vision, it is based on the continuous effort to find innovative methods to resolve problems the children may face, to shape and formulate their behavior, to overcome all obstacles that may hinder their ability to elevate and progress, to develop their talents, abilities and knowledge, and to fulfill their desires through activities. Furthermore, we seek to strengthen our relationship with the parents as they represent our counterparts in the educational process. Finally, we endeavor to exert all effort to guarantee that our educational environment is attractive and stimulating for learning and growing


Rawadat Al Ma’aref Schools and Colleges P Schools and Kindergarten is one of the oldest private education institutions in the region, with a history that extends for about a hundred years and in three Arab countries starting from Jerusalem, Palestine to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in Amman, Jordan, where it was established in 1989. Its buildings are erected on a wide area of land in one of the most important areas in the Jordanian capital, with a modern design that includes comprehensive facilities. All of these factors contribute to its ability to present a modern and sophisticated image of education whilerelying on a long-standing heritage of values and well-established principles.

Our school seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction and balance in building the students' personality academically, educationally, physically, and socially through an integrated team of employees and by using modern technologies, means and facilities, and even following up on all developments that occur so as  to keep pace with the continuous development in the educational process.
As for the higher primary section (grades four to six), they are supervised by a group of qualified teachers who work with a team spirit. They follow a policy of interactive education and employ a set of activities and methods that are appropriate for this transitional age stage, such as using the smart boards that are available in all classrooms, in addition to computer, languagesand sciences laboratories, vocational education, music and more.
The school naturally adopts the curriculum education approved by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, however it has adopted additional curricula such as:
-English language / The Oxford English Languagecurriculum.
- Science-math / Pearsoncurriculum.
- French language / Léo etthéo Delf Junior curriculum.
Within the framework of the school's values regarding the necessity of cultivating student development not only from an academic aspect, we give the development of educational, social and psychological skills great interest in our department. An organized plan is based on dividing teachers into various committees that organize activities and events for this purpose, such as the religious committee, the social committee and the school broadcast committee the Volunteer Committee, the School Activities Committee, the Excellence Committee, and the School Discipline Committee.

Additionally, there are many systematic and periodic activities to serve this, such as:
 • Visiting the library at the rate of one session per week to enhance the importance of reading in the minds of students.
• Scouting and Guiding Squad that develops a love of adventure, exploration, discipline, belonging and helping others.
•    Physical education and sports, at the rate of two classes per week, in which students use the integrated sports facilities that the school havewhich include:
- Outdoor and indoor arenas.
- Indoors swimming pool according to international standards.
- Indoor gymnasium.
- Outdoors grass fields.
all of which contribute to the success of the school's sports teams by winning many prizes in local competitions such as basketball, football, gymnastics, track and more.

In our schools, we build loyalty to the institution and its values and instill it as an introduction to rooting this value towards the homeland, religion and society as a whole. This is evident on a daily basis through:
•    Receiving parents and students at the beginning of each semester and strengthening theconnection between them and the staff.
•    On a monthly basis, the boards in the corridors and classrooms are renewed to create an enjoyable visual environment.
•    Students' birthdays are celebrated every Thursday with an announcement over the broadcast program with a gift from the department.
•    We also encourage students toparticipate in the broadcast program to build their self confidence in public speaking and develop their character.
•    Practical application of the vocational educational classes takes place in the school gardens to enhance the students’ spirit of volunteer work.
We learned to come together as one family (administration, teachers, and parents) for the sake of our loved ones, our sons and daughters – ourstudents, in awareness of the responsibility entrusted to usin guiding generations, so that they, in turn, would carry this flag and complete the path in the service of our country and our society and elevate it towards the future that it deserves.