The Library

The schools library was founded by the late Sheikh Muhammad Suleiman Al- Saleh in Jerusalem, in the year 1896, to bear witness to his belief in the importance of its role in developing and upholding the academic, scholastic curricula for all educational stages. Built on 750 square meters containing 40,000 titles, along with tapes, transparencies, film loops slides, videos, references, encyclopedias, etc., connected to a KG reading room. It also contains 12 pieces connected to the Internet. The library is fully computerized and uses the bar coding system.  Two full time librarians with two assistants help operate this great facility.

The library working policy

The school is used to taking students systematically from K.G stage to 12th grade to the library. There are designated library classes to all grades.

Library activities

  • The library holds the annual book fair in the second semester with five-day duration where several publishing houses take part in the fair.
  • Schools students participate in (train of knowledge) competition of the children friends association under the supervision of the schools library to encourage students to read to be rewarded upon their reading. The allocation of scholastic grants also depends on the accomplishment of students in reading.
  • A number of Jordanian writers are invited to take part in reading stories to students.
  • Smart boards at the library are utilized to display educational stories and films.    The library warmly receives the summer camp students who would like to use the internet, watch documentaries and educational films, play chess and read.